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Mindful in 5 by Spiwe Jefferson, CMP, JD

Mindful in 5 by Spiwe Jefferson, CMP, JD

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Effective mindfulness meditation strategies for busy professionals

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​The next step in mindfulness meditation. Compelling science-backed books for leaders seeking to tame anxiety and improve performance. Step-by-step guidance empowering leaders to translate mindfulness meditation concepts into action to improve overall well-being and positively impact job performance.​​​ Operate from your peaceful path and rise to each day's opportunities.

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Latest Release!

Barry is getting divorced and his finances are a mess. Singita has daddy issues and family drama. Brianna and Rashad are new empty nesters. Will their marriage survive?

Harness the transformative power of mindfulness meditation to launch or deepen your spiritual journey starting with just five minutes a day. 

Mindful in 5

In this first "Classic" edition, captivating characters with real-life problems illustrate how to harness mindfulness meditation to address challenges at work and in life.

Three seasons—Dawn, Day, and Dark—meet you where you are. 

Pick up your signed copy from the Shop or an unsigned copy from Amazon or your favorite book retailer.
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The Power of Journaling

Use the power of your pen to deepen self-reflection, clarity, and personal growth. Release your creativity, relieve stress, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

This custom journal is populated with prompts from the Mindful in 5 book. Through the simple act of putting pen to paper, you'll unveil untapped potential, find solutions to challenges, and cultivate a positive mindset. 

Pick up your signed copy from the shop or an unsigned copy from Amazon or your favorite book retailer.

Over 40 million Americans report having an anxiety disorder

Countless millions more are suffering in silence.

Join me and other leaders on my podcast to address these and other blockers to help you engage your inner power to live and work to your highest and best purpose each day.

I am here to help anxious professionals navigate the complexities of the workplace to elevate their game at work, be more present at home, and face each day's challenges with greater calm and equanimity. Download the simple but powerful exclusive 5-step FEETS checklist to supercharge your 5-minute meditations.
Mindful in 5 makes it easy to create an ongoing meditation practice. I love the practical approach and how Spiwe makes meditation doable even with a busy life.

Joe M.

The Mindful in 5 book is a great tool to start or re-start a meditation practice. It is a easy, fun read and really can be done in five minute sessions.

Estrellita D.

I love the practical application of how to incorporate meditation into my life. Spiwe is patient and provides pragmatic support.

Rhonda C.

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