A Different Kind of Mindfulness Book

Tame your thoughts, quell anxiety, and find inner peace.

Use these fictional characters to guide you on a meditative journey through life's seasons — from Dark, through Dawn, to Day.

Step-by-step mindfulness meditation instruction

Real life scenarios

5-day 5-minute meditation prompts throughout the year

Let Go of Fears and Anxieties

Barry is getting divorced and his finances are a mess.

Singita has family drama with parents and siblings.

Rashad and Brianna are empty nesters. Can their marriage survive?

Akar’s boss is driving him crazy. He’s heard meditation will help. But how to start?

Reframe Your Perspective

Join these fictional characters who experience real life challenges just like you.

Step-by-step mindfulness meditation instruction.

Real life scenarios and 5-minute meditation prompts for each day of the year.

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Supercharge Your Journey

Weekly companion podcasts.

Extraordinary guests sharing experiences, providing examples, and encouragement.

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Become a Mindful Ninja

Companions to the Book & Podcast.

Learn how to practice mindfulness, release fear and old negative habits, and unleash your inner power.

Weekly reflections to guide your practice.

A new custom guided meditation each month for your everyday life, conveniently delivered right to your inbox.

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Invitations to live virtual meditations to jumpstart or troubleshoot your practice.

Choose from the Classic or God Lovers Edition.

Practice Guided Meditations

If you have never tried meditation before or just need a refresher, we've got you

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Today, I stand confident in my whole self, 

a steadfast voice of my real truths, experiences to share, and a few to explore of what could have been done differently.
Jackie, Contract Compliance Administrator, MN



Channel your thoughts, get rid of anxiety, and find a safety rope for your stress.


Supercharge your problem-solving skills and discover solutions in a whole new light.


Conquer each day head-on with a confident demeanor and solid action plan.


Unleash your creativity and wake up every day with the energy to take the world head-on.

Praise for Mindful in 5

Mindful In 5 is a promise that quietly emerges from its pages to offer something special. An answer and a way for those experiencing troubled times. It’s a total package: inspirational, practical, and it even comes with characters who guide you along the way.

Colin T. Nelson, author

As Seen On...

Renee, CEO, OH

I really love the 5 minute meditations. They make it easy for me to pause and re-center myself with mindful reflection on busy days when there just doesn't seem to be enough time.

Brent, Key Account Manager, Minneapolis MN

I do take more time to care for myself. I am now even more purposeful about how I go about this thanks to you. Enhanced mindfulness is making me more emotionally accessible to colleagues and friends. It is also helping me detach emotionally (i.e. not personalizing things that I can’t control) from the stresses that are inherent in my professional life.