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How Busy Professionals Can Tame Anxiety

Feel energized about your future. Mindfulness can help you tame anxiety and rediscover your joy with clarity. Take control of your life and discover your peaceful path.

Millions of adult Americans are stressed. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, anxiety-based disorders are now the most common mental health concern in the United States. What if there was a way to help busy, anxious professionals reduce stress, unlock their inner strength, and overcome the challenges of daily life with deeper calm and equanimity?

We have collectively experienced unprecedented stressors, including the global pandemic, war, and worsening climate conditions. In the explosion of fear, stress, and loneliness, many people are searching for healthy, cost-effective solutions that will help them survive and thrive in a complex, interconnected world.

In the book, Mindful in 5, relatable, captivating characters, insightful stories, and journal reflections guide those desiring a better life to be consistently present and realize inner peace even during challenging times, starting with just five minutes a day.

In my own quest to attain the benefits of mindfulness, most books that I found offered an abstract exploration of the subject. I wrote Mindful in 5: Meditations for People with No Time (published by Archway Publishing) as an example-based, step-by-step roadmap that empowers readers to translate mindfulness meditation concepts into action that will help them reduce stress, build optimism, and improve overall well-being.

Based on scientifically proven techniques, Mindful in 5 utilizes three distinct “seasons” — Dawn, Day, and Dark — that meet readers where they are. They can progress by deep reflection, emerging into reframed perspectives.

Mindfulness meditation won’t solve your problems. But with consistent practice, anyone can master it to improve their general outlook and overall quality of life. Set your intention to live and work to your highest and best purpose, starting with just five minutes a day. Allow it to lead you onto your peaceful path, where you can feel joy, clarity, and safely supported from within. My wish for you is that you be mindful and be well.


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