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Mindful in 5 Journal

In the inaugural edition of the Mindful in 5 Journal, you'll embark on a transformative journey guided by captivating characters who grapple with relatable issues. This journal will empower you to utilize mindfulness meditation as a powerful tool to overcome obstacles in both your professional and personal spheres. Divided into three distinct seasons—Dawn, Day, and Dark—this journal meets you exactly where you are on your mindful path.

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What's Inside

Chapter 9
Reject Self-Doubt
Date ____/____/______


Spend at least five minutes in silent meditation first thing each morning for at least five days this week. Don’t accept the first or even the second answer your brain throws at you for the lies you have accepted. Dig deep; there’s more lurking back there. Start with five minutes, but ruminate on this one, and more will come to you.
Day 1. I will take the next five minutes to identify the biggest lie I have accepted about myself. ________________________________________________________________________________________
Date ____/____/______
Day 2. Here is how it manifests in my life: ___________________________________________________


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