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​The third installation in the Mindful in 5 series is here!

  1. Embrace mindfulness starting with just 5 minutes a day and deepen your spiritual connection like never before.
  2. Discover a unique blend of mindfulness and faith as this groundbreaking book offers practical, bite-sized exercises designed specifically for people seeking to connect with their Higher Power.
  3. Unveil the transformative power of mindfulness in your daily life and experience a greater sense of peace, joy, and divine presence through the pages of Mindful in 5 - God Lovers' Edition.


Mindful in 5 Kickstarter Campaign

Mindful in 5 Kickstarter Campaign

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Discover Your Peaceful Path With More Mindful in 5 Titles

The third installation in the Mindful in 5 series, this thoughtful book is based on extensive research and a deep foundation of mindfulness meditation methods to develop a unique approach that blends mindfulness and spirituality, providing readers with practical approaches that can be applied starting with just five minutes a day.

This book stands out as a valuable resource for applying mindfulness meditation techniques to specific life situations. It builds on the first book in the series, Mindful in 5 (Classic Edition), using relatable fictional characters to show readers how to apply God-centered mindfulness meditation to real-life challenges. It provides step-by-step guidance on how to increase inner stillness and discern God's voice using
scientifically proven mindfulness meditation techniques, which are encouraged by many religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism.

More About Mindful in 5 - God Lovers' Edition

Meet the Cast

In the Practice section of the book, you will learn the nuts and bolts of God-centered mindfulness meditation, where you explore every aspect, from where to sit, how to sit, how to tame your racing mind, and how to give yourself grace as you grow.
Your guides in this section are two coworkers, Chantelle and Akar. As Chantelle teaches Akar how to develop a meditation practice step-by-step, his efforts are plagued with mental distractions, a terror of a boss, a spitfire wife, and rowdy kids, all of whom crowd in on his sincere meditation efforts. Follow along and troubleshoot your own practice based on the challenges many people face when they embark on the journey to find inner peace.

Once armed with the fundamentals, you will meet four primary members of a Mindful in 5 support group, Barry, Singita, Rashad, and Brianna, who all face different struggles, from divorce and financial troubles to family drama.

Use their real-life obstacles to troubleshoot your own practice and give yourself space and grace as you learn how to build a consistent practice of centering yourself and sitting in stillness to draw closer to God. By following the journeys of these characters, you can gain insight into how mindfulness meditation can help you overcome your own obstacles and deepen your spiritual practice.
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This book is great for the  Bible novice and the scholar. It addresses some of the most asked questions without making the person asking feel like an outcast of society. The simple questions as well as the more complex faith challenge questions are answered in a practical life application way.

PeggyAnne, IN

The book is great and I believe it will be one I will have on my nightstand and read over and over. 

Renee, IA

What I loved about the book:
1. The Content
2. It is easy to read & understand
3. The different stages
4. The examples & conversations
5. The repeating of the process
6. It is calming & relaxing
7. It is real & eye opening
8. Practical & executable

Tori, MN

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