Gratitude Wall

On January 1, 2020 we began running this gratitude marathon, and it continued despite all the surprises 2020 brought. Even in the most tumultuous times, these posts show that we can always find reasons for gratitude no matter what's happening in the world. Read on and be inspired in your own life.

I’m grateful that no one I know personally has died from Covid and that our daughters have had jobs throughout the pandemic.


Kenmore, Washington

I am so grateful to God for blessing me with all the things we can sometimes take for granted! For good health, for a loving family, food on our table, a roof over our heads , being part of a wonderful community, safety from danger and persecution and fantastic friends. All the simple things in life which are so important


Brisbane, Australia

I am grateful for my children and husband, good health, friends who nourish my soul and the ability to see the cup as half full!


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I am grateful for a loving and supportive family, husband, children and siblings, for the blessings of good health which, in this COVID-19 commotion, cannot be taken for granted. Grateful for great friends who check in regularly just because they care. I am grateful for the Easter season which always uplifts my soul and spirit.

Mrs. Anyiwo

Southern California

I found my other half! When we're walking through thunderstorms, torrential rains, and downpours, it's like there's a patch of sunshine and rainbows and blue skies and fluffy clouds. Daisies just pop up in green grass as we walk in the happiness and glow of the sunshine above us. So yes, I'm thankful for this person here.

Nyasha and Mia

Ma Wan, Hong Kong

I am grateful for the gift of life, good health and a wonderful family from the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Nairobi, Kenya

I was never...ever ever ever meant to live beyond my early teens - health stuff, hospitals, injections etc etc. Thank you my parents, my beloved Sisters, everyone for this battle. I am still here. You are still here. Thank You #50 #Stillhere 💜🎩


Cape Town, South Africa

I am grateful for God's grace, good family relations, good health, my job, and my family. I work with families dealing with kids with cancer and I am so grateful for my healthy kids.

Mrs. Anna

Leeds, Alabama, USA

I am thankful for family, good health,  good prospects for a brighter future and good wine from mukwasha (son-in-law).

Dr. Aaron

Leeds, Alabama, USA

I'm grateful for the intangible divine gifts of life; family, love, knowledge, wisdom, and the opportunity to work on myself daily. l am grateful for each day that is like a blank canvas that God gives us to express our creativity and productivity. I am grateful that God is Sovereign and we are responsible! I am grateful for you!

Dr. Ruben

Smiths Station, Alabama, USA

I am grateful for God’s love. For it is His love that has been given to me in so many ways and expressed by so many all of who have been a major part of my journey. I am grateful because I am loved.


Middletown, Delaware, USA

Always family! You?


Miami, Florida, USA

I’m grateful for so many things! Friends near and far:) My husband, daughter and grandson. My health (getting better everyday with clean eating and physical activity (including physical therapy and massage) My spiritual health (we recently found a new church that is more closely aligned with our beliefs and needs) My financial health (years of working hard and spending wisely seemingly are making retired life easier) Oh and my iced tea w/ mint in it. God paid attention to little things!


Des Moines, Iowa, USA

I'm grateful that my parents are alive, Dad mid 80s and Mom late 70s. I'm grateful that my dad after so many years retired from farming and is now available at home full-time as a dedicated father and husband to my mom. I'm grateful that my mom healed from a complicated knee surgery and is able to walk.


Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA

I am grateful for my husband and children, for the love and life we share, for strong, healthy minds and bodies, and most especially for the sovereign covering of our Heavenly Father and the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. O praise His name forevermore!!


Chaska, Minnesota, USA

I'm thankful for time with my family and my puppies.


Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA

I'm grateful for family, friends, my hoodies, and my camera.


Edina, Minnesota, USA

I’m grateful to God for allowing me to grow older, to feel forgiveness, to feel the sun on my skin, to be joy filled, to have a purpose in life and to be greatly loved.

Kendi Amani

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Where do I begin, I am truly grateful for many things but my most recent is family. My family has rallied around me in my time of need have made me to feel worthy in a time of dispair, but, because of my family I have a new look at life and what's truly important and it is family.


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

I'm grateful for so many things, including the opportunity to make a positive impact. Most of all I'm so blessed to walk through life cocooned by the village that raised me, and more loving friends and caring colleagues than I can count. Thank you for your tireless care, wisdom, and support.


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Thankful for all. Good or bad is all a gift, it is all about how you perceive the gift.


Prior Lake, Minnesota, USA

I am grateful for purpose and the natural talents and learned skills God blesses us with that help us execute it. I am also grateful for divine seasons.


Dayton, Ohio, USA

The gratitude and rewards of true friendship are like a child's maturation to adulthood; they need nurturing, patience, and forgiveness to thrive and reach their potential.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

I am grateful for God's tender mercies over my life! I have had some highs, and I have had some lows, but through it all God has never left me or forsaken me! HE is real! And I'm looking forward to HIS promises coming to pass in 2020! #doubleformytrouble


Houston, Texas, USA

I am grateful for good relations with family, good health, good access to food, good communications with family, and God's grace and favor in all things.

Prof. Rosemary

Harare, Zimbabwe

I am grateful for... My health, my family, my relationships with key friendship core, my positive energy, my steadfastness, my fiancee, my new job and the opportunities to come, waking up today and the challenges of the day.


Seattle, Washington, USA

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