Empower leaders to reduce workplace stress
Offer tools to increase focus and effectiveness

Stress can lead to burnout, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and strained working relationships.

In today’s uncertain times, it’s not enough to offer physical wellness outlets for employees. Mental well-being has emerged as a critical area for companies to address. 

Of the 15 Traits of of Successful People That All Business Leaders Should Cultivate, many involve qualitative and relational skills.

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Mindful in 5 Programs

Based on principles in the highly differentiated book, these programs can empower executive teams.

Set the wellness tone from the top

Offer executives and employees science-backed techniques to reduce stress, increase resilience and growth mindset.

Modular Mindful in 5 workshops provide a menu of customizable solutions to offer mindfulness, or meditation, or combined solutions for your executives or select segments of your workforce.

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Five powerful minutes...

This allowed me to see how powerful 5 mindful minutes can be in relaxing my body & mind and setting myself up for a more open-minded, creative day. I will be using this technique at the beginning of my day, as well as, throughout the day when I know I have challenging calls/meetings.

Thank you so much!

Lynn M

Great Meditation and Mindfulness Session

Very informative.

Also liked the use of real life personal examples of how mindfulness can be applied throughout your day because was very relatable and it helps me practically picture how to apply what I learned in the session.

Tina K