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For Successful Leaders

  • Workplace-specific workshops
  • Based on 3 "seasons" of the employee lifecycle
  • Customized proprietary techniques
  • Ecosystem to support employees

Based on the Mindful in 5 book series, Mindful in 5 professional coaching is a unique program that utilizes mindfulness techniques to help professionals find clarity and inner peace as they navigate their careers. A key differentiator of the Mindful in 5 approach is its synthesis of science-backed mindfulness concepts into customized proprietary techniques applicable to specific workplace issues.

Every workshop features a specific 5-minute guided technique in an easy-to-remember acronym that forms part of the "homework" that participants take away. Third-party recommended reading is included where appropriate, and you have the option of including customized podcasts to support each workshop. The versatile Mindful in 5 Ecosystem allows engagement in multiple media in the best way that suits the participants.


Proven benefits can include improved stress management, reduced burnout, increased self-awareness, resilience, clarity of goals, purpose, focus, and enhanced productivity.

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3 Seasons in Employee Lifecycle

Mindful in 5 Coaching System

The Day, Dawn, and Dark seasons in the Mindful in 5 book are loosely based on a construct called the Learning Zone Model, which German pedagogue Tom Senninger adapted from psychologist Lev Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development. The construct illustrates three zones in which human beings operate and learn. These zones translate as seen above in the Mindful in 5 coaching model. You can select from the corresponding workshop topics, or we can create a workshop or series based on your preferred topic. Multiple topics are woven to incorporate a common through-line. All workshop presentations are customized to your organization.

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